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Top quality dog ​​food, super premium food with home delivery

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Food for large and small dogs Deliveries all over the country Top quality dog ​​food Super premium food delivered to your home
There are so many brands of dog food that it is quite confusing to know what the best dog food is.
We at Petit have chosen to work with the French company Pro Nutrition, which has over 50 years of experience in quality nutrition for dogs and cats, and we have chosen from personal experience
the best food for our dog and yours.

We at Petit know all the dog food on the market and indeed there is a lot of quality dog ​​food and also a lot of less quality dog ​​food.
Each brand has super premium food products and cheaper products.
That's why we chose to work with Pro Nutrition Prestige, which is a super high-quality and recommended food for dogs.
The pet food brand has extensive experience in nutrition research and dog food production for over 50 years.

Quality dog ​​food greatly affects the dog's life and energy levels and the general health
of the dog's fur and skin, as well as of course the gums and teeth.

It is recommended to give the dog mainly a variety of dry food, for example: Dog food with salmon based on fish, Dog food with lamb, Chicken, duck , rabbit and so on.

If your dog is sensitive to a certain food or has health problems, we have food
for dogs that is adapted to a variety of the dog's problems such as: kidneys, skin sensitivity, Problems
Weight, strengthening bones and so on Here you can find the food for dogs with
medical problems:

Dogs have several stages of development

Puppies which means up to one year old

Or a large breed dog

Small breed dogs for example:

How do you choose dog food?

Before choosing dog food you should consider the following:

Choose food that is adapted to the dog's age and weight:

Puppy (pappy) 0-12 months.

Adult (adult) 1-7 years.
an adult (senior) 7 years or older.

, Labrador, Boxer,

small dog - Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pincher, Pekingese, etc.

The dog's food is also called by different names:


Pappy - puppy food. Food suitable for all puppies

Mini Papi - food for small breed puppies. Food suitable for all puppies

Adult - food for adult dogs from 1 to 7 years old for example German Shepherd Labrador and the like.

Mini Adult - this is food for adult dogs but of a small breed such as Chihuahua or Pomeranian or Pinscher and the like.

The different ones

Recommended food for puppies

Recommended food for small breed puppies

Recommended food for small breed adult dogs

Recommended food for adult small breed dogs Large

Recommended food for adult dogs

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