Affiliate program

Affiliate program

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Terms of Use - Affiliate Program

PETEAT's affiliate program allows owners of websites, blogs, Facebook groups, etc. selected by PETEAT ("partner / s"), to direct surfers to the "" website and earn money from this referral if the same A surfer makes a purchase on the site, in accordance with the provisions of these terms of use.

  • General -
    • These Terms of Use (hereinafter: “ Terms of Use “) apply when you join the Affiliate Program (as defined below) in connection with the PETEAT Website at (hereinafter: “ the website “) of the Chief Company (hereinafter: “ Company “), a partnership incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel or any company affiliated with it.
    • The Terms of Use change and cancel any terms or contract you already have with the Company. If you operate under the Affiliate Program for and on behalf of any other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to agree and accept these Terms of Use for the Entity and that this entity agrees to compensate you and PETEAT for violations of the Terms of Use.
    • Please read the Terms of Use carefully. By participating in the Affiliate Program you acknowledge that you are subject to the Terms of Use and all terms and conditions included as implied. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using the Affiliate Program.
    • For ease of reading, the terms of use are worded in masculine language, but apply to both men and women. A place where things were written in a single language, also referring to the plural and vice versa.
    • In the event of any inconsistency or inconsistency between the Terms of Use and the terms or instructions published in any other media, the terms of the Terms of Use shall prevail.
    • The division in the terms of use into sections and section headings is for convenience only and will not be used for interpretation purposes.
  • Affiliate Program -
    • The Company manages an affiliate program whereby affiliates with whom the Company has contracted will receive a unique link to them for the purpose of associating the approved transactions (as defined below) through which they are directed to their account managed by the Company. Subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the Affiliates will be entitled to a commission for purchases made by an end customer that came through the Affiliates' publications (hereinafter: " Affiliate Program " and / or " Program “).
    • The Company may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, and subject to the provisions of the law, add, derogate, restrict, amend, amend, cancel or suspend the affiliate program and / or any part thereof, without giving the partner any cause of action.
    • Each partner will have a unique link in the company's systems, which will contain data regarding the approved transactions and commissions he has accrued. The partner will not have access to the company's systems.
    • The Company's records will constitute conclusive evidence of any matter relating to the Affiliate Program, including commissions
    • For the avoidance of doubt it will be emphasized that the partner has no rights in relation to the end customers referred by him to the company, including in relation to these customer lists, their contact details etc. and that the company may contact and conduct directly with these customers at its sole discretion.
    • The Partner undertakes to report to the Company any unusual and / or serious and / or unforeseen event that occurred in the course of its activities in the Partner Program, immediately upon their occurrence.
    • The Partner undertakes that it can legally issue tax invoices / receipts in respect of commission payments, as defined below. This section is a condition of the affiliate's affiliation with the affiliate program.
    • The Company may terminate and / or shorten its contract with a partner for any reason that the Company deems appropriate, according to applicable law, and no demand and / or argument in this regard will be heard or accepted.
    • The partner agrees that by providing his email address he allows messages to be sent by the company in connection with the company's products and services in accordance with the details provided by him and that the messages were sent to him in accordance with any law, including in accordance with section 30A of the Communications ”In 1982 (“ Communications Law “). The Partner agrees that sending messages of the Company to the Partner (via email, cellphone, or regular mail) in connection with the aforesaid is not an "advertisement" or "advertisement thing".
  • Fees -
    • A partner will be entitled to a commission at the rate of 5% plus VAT, from the total of payments made by an end customer for an approved transaction, subject to the provisions of this section 4 (“ commission “). The Company shall be entitled to change the amount of the commission, also in relation to a specific partner and not in a sweeping manner, at its sole discretion, by giving prior notice to the partner, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
    • A Partner will be entitled to commissions only if (1) he provided the Company with all his personal details, including his name and means of contacting him as well as all the details of the site or blog or platform he manages; (2) Complies with all requirements of these Terms of Use.
    • The Partner will be entitled to a commission for each approved transaction, as defined below, only if it is associated with it according to a unique link provided to it by the Company. The commission rate is 5% and as will be updated from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company, after the Company has notified the Partners of the change via email.
    • For the purposes of these Terms of Use “ Approved Transaction ” means the actual purchase of a product and / or service of the Company by an end customer, which has been referred to the Company by the Partner provided that: (A) Customer Use the unique link assigned to the Partner by the Company; And (b) the transaction was not canceled for any reason (including the customer's proactive cancellation), including due to non-approval of the end customer's means of payment and / or non-receipt of any third party approval to execute the transaction
    • Payment for commissions accrued to the partner will be made within 30 days from the end of the month following the month in which approved transactions were made for which the partner is entitled to commissions, subject to the minimum amount payment limit, as specified in section 4.10 below.
    • It is emphasized that the commission approval process is dynamic. It is possible that a commission that has already been approved for payment but the payment date has not arrived, will be canceled due to cancellation of the end customer's transaction and / or other reasons, as mentioned in the terms of use, and no demand and / or claim will be heard.
    • The company will pay to the partner the amounts of commissions accrued to his credit, only if these amounts exceed the total of NIS 300 (" the minimum continuum "). Amounts of commissions that have not exceeded the minimum soft payable will be "dragged" automatically for the following month.
    • Even if the commission amounts exceed the minimum payment threshold, the partner can, at his request, defer the commission payments and accumulate them for payment in the following month by notifying the company in advance at the email address specified in section 4.8 above. t6>
    • For the avoidance of doubt partners may not consolidate accounts or transfer commissions between their accounts in order to meet the minimum threshold or for any other reason. Also, if the partner's membership in the program was canceled for any reason, including at the partner's request, and at that time the balance of the commission in the partner's account was below the minimum threshold, the partner will not be entitled to a refund of this amount and will be charged by the company.
    • The commission payments will be made by bank transfer against the issuance of a tax invoice / receipt legally and the company will deduct from any such payment withholding tax in accordance with the law.
    • If the transaction with the end customer is canceled for any reason, the partner will be liable to refund the commission he received (as much as he received) to the company immediately upon its first demand and as long as the commission has not been paid the company will be entitled to deduct this commission from the partner's account. If the partner's membership in the affiliate program is canceled and the partner is required to pay commissions, he will return the commission amounts to the company immediately upon its first demand for this.
    • It is hereby clarified that the partner is not entitled and the company will not pay the partner any additional payment beyond the fees specified in the partner plan, for any reason, and the partner undertakes not to demand any additional payment except in cases expressly agreed, in advance and in writing.
  • Privacy -
    • By providing information by the Partner under the Affiliate Program or providing access to information or any other content (" the Information "), each Partner agrees that the information will be used for the purpose of managing the Affiliate Program, Including for the purpose of contacting the partner and / or for the purpose of paying the commission, such use of the information will not be considered an invasion of privacy, and the company and / or anyone acting on its behalf, will not be considered an invader of privacy due to this activity.
    • The partner has no legal obligation to provide the information to the company (however, if that partner refrains from providing this information - he will not be able to take part in the affiliate program), and the information is provided to the company at his own discretion and consent. The company will not give the details of the partner to third parties, unless required to do so by law.
  • Trademarks and Intellectual Property -
    • The Company reserves and retains all rights, including copyrights, in the design of any ad, banner or publication that the Company makes available to the Partner (" Company Designs ").
    • The PETEAT trademark and other product and service names, design marks and passwords appearing on the company's website are the trademarks of the company or of third parties and the partner will have no right in connection with them.
    • The Company's trademarks may not be copied or used, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the Company or the owner of the appropriate trademark unless incorporated in the Company's designs.
    • The Partner will not change the Company's designs and will use them in its independent marketing outside of the Affiliate Program, without the prior written consent of the Company. The Partner will not use any copyrighted content and / or images and / or text from the Company's websites, other than the Company's designs without permission. In advance and in writing from the company.
    • The partner undertakes not to use the site in a manner that is not in accordance with any law and / or that is not agreed and / or that constitutes forgery, alteration or deletion of information.
  • Legal and Appropriate Use of the Affiliate Program -
    • The Partner undertakes to operate within the framework of the Partner Program only legally, and in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use and any law.Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, and subject to the provisions of any law, the partner undertakes not to use the affiliate program for the purpose or in any of the following ways:
      • Abuse of the rights granted to the partner under the program;
      • Posting pornographic material, prostitution, prohibited gambling, or using dangerous drugs, or content that threatens, harms, insults, libel, defames, racizes or is inappropriate content, including linking to other sites that include such content ;
      • Impersonation, identity theft, fraud or any other fraud, including PHISHING, HACKING, CRACKING, SNIFING, password recovery, lead generation, fraudulent clicks, fraudulent sales, pre-filling of forms or any other method;
      • Performing wiretapping or invasion of privacy and / or attempting to access the private information of another distributor without obtaining the express consent of that distributor or any attempt to gain access in any way to an account other than his own;
      • Damage to a person's good name in violation of the Prohibition of Defamation Law, 5755-1965;
      • Infringement of copyright, promotional rights, patents, trademarks, or any other proprietary right similar to those of another person, including trade secrets, or advertising of products and services that infringe such proprietary rights;
      • Disruption of the proper operation of a computer, disruption of computer material, or intrusion into a computer, by means of a "virus", "Trojan horse", "spyware", or any other means similar to these, including in violation of the Computer Law, 5755 - 1995;
      • Distribution of information or other material that includes advertising of any kind other than the Company's products and / or services;
      • Prohibited distribution of e-mail in violation of the Communications Act and / or sending a large amount of relays, including the Internet address (IP) to search engines or other indexes, in an attempt to achieve a better ranking in the search engine or index and which leads to a complaint by webmasters Search engine;
      • Use of technological or other means aimed at increasing traffic on sites that advertise the Company's products and / or increasing the amount of products purchased on sites that advertise the Company's products artificially and / or artificially influencing technological or other means to which the partner is entitled ;
      • Offer any direct or indirect compensation to end customers or any other third party for clicking on advertisements of the Company's products;
      • An action that violates another obligation under any law or agreement;
    • Subject to any law, including the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981 and regulations thereunder, including all provisions relating to the direct mailing of advertising material (" Privacy Protection Law "), and According to the provisions of the Communications Law, the partner undertakes to supervise the contents and publications of the company's products and / or services uploaded by him, by his employees or any other person on his behalf, and to bear full responsibility under any law for these contentsIt is clarified that the company does not maintain any control over the content uploaded by the partner
    • In the event of a breach of the terms of use by the partner, the company may suspend and / or cancel the partner's participation in the program immediately and confiscate the amounts accumulated in his account without detracting from any other remedy reserved for it in accordance with any law and / or Agreement.
  • Liability and Indemnification -
    • The Company and / or its directors and / or employees and / or anyone acting on their behalf will not be liable or responsible for any expense, loss or damage, indirect, consequential or circumstantial (including economic loss, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity , Loss of reputation, impairment, etc.), which will cause the user or any third party in connection with the use of the affiliate program and / or an act or omission of the company and / or anyone on its behalf;
    • The company makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the site is reliable, accurate, correct and up to date. The company is not responsible for errors and / or errors and / or omissions in the information displayed through the site, as it may be. It is therefore clear to the partner that he must check all information before relying on it, when he does not have and will not have any claims or claims against the company and / or anyone on its behalf for anything related to the information and / or service and / or arising therefrom.
    • The partner is responsible for ensuring that the product and / or service he advertises can still be purchased on the site, the company and / or its managers and / or employees and / or anyone on their behalf will not be held liable or liable for any expense, loss or damage caused To a partner as a result.
    • The affiliate program is granted as is (as-is) and without any representation whatsoever in relation to its nature and / or quality and / or its suitability for the affiliate's needs or for a particular use. That is, the company has no liability of any kind for the quality of the affiliate program or its quality.
    • Without derogating from the above, in any case, the liability of the company and / or anyone on its behalf, in relation to the affiliate program, is limited to the cost of the commission to which the affiliate was entitled in the relevant last month.
    • The partner undertakes to indemnify the company for any damage caused to it and / or anyone on its behalf, including any claim or claim of a third party, in Israel or outside Israel, including full legal expenses, as a result of any act or omission of the partner in connection To the Affiliate Program, including as a result of a breach of the Partner's obligations under the Terms of Use or a breach of the provisions of any law, and including claims for infringement of intellectual property rights and / or the Communications Act and / or the Privacy Act.
  • General -
    • The Partner declares that he does not have any impediment, prohibition or restriction, whether by law or by agreement, from making any provision of the Terms of Use, and that the Partner does not need to obtain any approval and / or consent or fulfillment of conditions Any for the approval of the terms of use by him.
    • The contract between the company and the partner does not create a partnership, and / or employee-employer relationship, and / or a representative relationship between him and the company or anyone on its behalf and as a result the partner may not make any representations on behalf of the company without prior written approval.
    • The Partner may not transfer the rights and obligations under the Terms of Use to any other party except with the Company's prior written consent.
    • Any notice sent by the Company to the Partner at the address given to it and shall be deemed to have reached its destination three business days from the date of delivery if sent by post or e-mail, and if delivered by hand - upon receipt of delivery or transfer the Partner undertakes to notify the Company in writing. By mail, e-mail within 14 days of any change in his address or other details provided to the company.
    • It is hereby agreed that any dispute arising out of or relating to the Terms of Use shall be settled by arbitration in the Tel Aviv Court, Israel.
    • The Terms of Use are subject to change at any time by the Company at its sole discretion. In addition, the company may change at its sole discretion all terms of the terms of use of the site and / or the prices of products and / or the range of products and / or everything directly and / or indirectly related to the provision of services, all by publishing updated terms of use on the site. As they are published on the site is the determining wording at all times.
    • To join, please send an email to:

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