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Each of Prestige's products has been developed to provide your dog with optimal nutrition that is both nutritious, perfectly balanced and very tasty
Prestige provides everything your dog needs, regardless of physiological or health status, ensuring a delicious meal every day

Why choose Prestige dog food?

Prestige Pro Nutrition is a French company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of food for dogs and cats.

Prestige Pro Nutrition has developed a unique formula to give your dog an optimal diet that is nutritious, perfectly balanced and extremely tasty.
Prestige Pro Nutrition provides everything your dog needs, regardless of age stage or physiological condition, ensuring a delicious and nutritious meal every time.


1.Formulas without preservatives
2.without genetic engineering
3.No food coloring
4.Registered patent technology for cold processing of vitamins to maintain their effectiveness.

Prestige's dog food is without any artificial color and with vegetable raw materials without GMO (genetic engineering).

Prestige uses a variety of high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties.

Each Prestige formula contains apple fiber rich in polyphenols that act as a natural antioxidant to protect the cells in your dog's body.
Proctooligosaccharides for optimal digestion and flaxseeds rich in Omega 3 for healthy skin and silky fur.

Probiotic benefit
Proven effectiveness Ensuring the right amount of probiotics in each meal (growth of beneficial bacteria and strengthening digestive comfort) The correct balance of intestinal microflora is a key factor in your dog's digestive health.

Probiotics are beneficial, fragile, living microorganisms. The exclusive patent technology used to combine the probiotic Enterococcus faecium in Prestige foods ensures its existence, and continues to be effective for a long time, and is gradually released into the intestine for optimal activity.

Thus, with each meal, your dog will receive the amount of Enterococcus faecium necessary for the health of his digestive system.

The nutritionists of Prestige Pro-Nutrition choose a large number of ingredients selected for their benefits on dog and cat health
(apple fiber, fructooligosaccharides, flaxseed, duck fat, vitamins, trace elements, etc.)
In order to provide cats and dogs with the 40 essential nutrients for their nutritional balance.

Cats and dogs are unable to biosynthesize all the elements necessary for their good health.Therefore, in order to meet their needs, it is very important to provide them with quality and balanced food.

Ingredients of high nutritional quality

Animal proteins

Meat and fish proteins are selected according to their digestibility level (>85 %),
They contain a content of essential fatty acids and a low content of minerals.
The animal and plant fats (duck fat, rapeseed oil, etc.) are selected according to their freshness, fatty acid profile and taste.

Apple fiber

The apple fiber selected by Prestige Pro-Nutrition contains polyphenols.
These are natural antioxidants that are 4 times more powerful than vitamin C and 5 times more powerful than vitamin E.
Apple pectin is easily absorbed by the organism and helps to regulate intestinal transit.
They increase the elimination of food residues and lactic acid, and stimulate the digestive system.


Proctooligosaccharides are prebiotics
and by stimulating the growth of beneficial digestive flora (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli),
reduce pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.
They also reduce smelly compounds and protect against digestive problems.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are very rich in omega 3,
which are essential fatty acids.
They ensure the fluidity of all the membranes of the organism.
They also have anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning properties.

חיזוק מערכת החיסון
strengthening the immune system
מרכיבים מהים
Active ingredients from the sea
פרוביוטיקה פעילה
Active probiotics
מערכת העיכול
Strengthening the digestive system
Shiny fur and healthy skin
עיבוד ויטמינים בקור
Cold processing of vitamins
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